Centre of Excellence

We had the privilege of helping with a recent Centre of Excellence in Orlando. Cathy (in the pink sweater) spearheaded this project and invited Leadership Development and HR leaders from the US and around the world to come together for a great time of learning and applying new skills.

The participants learned important principles for their work in their countries and met with coaches to discuss how to apply the principles to their unique situations. They shared best practices with each other and heard from experienced practitioners who work at our headquarters. Steve helped them learn a  problem solving process called Action Learning. For many, this was their first visit to the Cru headquarters Рfor some, their first visit to the United States.

Steve and I are excited to continue to mentor/coach participants from Guyana and the UK.

The participants and the Design Team missing: the coaches)

A reflection of the cultures! Mexican food and Chopsticks!

FREE “31 Days of Unhurried Living”

The “31 Days of Unhurried Living” campaign last spring was a great success. Many people followed along each day via email, Facebook, or Instagram. If you missed the campaign or were too busy ūüôā to keep up with the daily posts, you can now enjoy the reflections, encouragement, and tips – at your own pace – ¬†with the Free E-book.

The book contains all the content, links to the short videos, and excellent additional resources listed on the last pages.

I hope this book is a blessing to you!

Unhurried Living

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Amazing Africa

It is good for us to travel and see how our brothers and sisters live in other parts of the world!

We greatly enjoyed the training times with our incredible staff as they learned about implementing change, adult learning, and the specifics of the new materials. The new trainers asked great questions, heartily engaged in the content, and grew in their confidence and competence as they practiced facilitating teaching and coaching. They will do a great job training the new missionaries and later training more trainers for their countries also!

We also learned a lot from them. We learned about how our staff work without consistent electricity, live with religious persecution and threats of violence, and struggle to raise support for basic items that we take for granted here in the US. At the same time, these staff are incredibly joyous in their worship, sacrificially generous in their care for us, and faithful in their service to the Lord. They were an inspiration to us.

We hope you enjoy some of these pictures of our training time!

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The Global Leadership Summit

“Everyone wins when a leader gets better.” Bill Hybels

The Global Leadership Summit is a resource for community transformation. For more than 20 years, Bill Hybels and the Willow Creek Association have hosted the Summit Рoffering vision, inspiration, and practical skills to help leaders maximize their Kingdom impact. Many who attend experience improved teamwork and increased job satisfaction, productivity and impact. The conference took place in Chicago, August 11-12, and was broadcast live to more than 450 sites in the US and Canada. In the next few months, the sessions will be translated for 125 countries worldwide.

Steve and I were very grateful to attend the Summit virtually again this year at the nearby Wycliff headquarters, thanks to a dear friend who invested in us and paid our registration. We are always encouraged by the speakers and learn many principles that we can apply to our ministry. We also pick up lots of challenging books to read in the coming months!

group pic

We highly recommend that you consider attending next year. ūüôā

For now, you can watch some of the Summit videos HERE or download The Global Next App and have access to many of the resources and sessions on your phone!

Global Leadership Conference

Cru is partnering with many other Christian organizations to reach our 2020 goal of 10 million multiplying disciples.

For a week in¬†July, over 250 of our Cru leaders from all around the world gathered together in Orlando to pray and ask God to show us the “SHIFTS” we need to make in our attitudes and actions to get to that goal.

Most of our Leadership Development and HR (LDHR) leaders and some of our Orlando team spent the days praying, evaluating, and planning next steps for our ministries worldwide. We had a great week spending time together, sharing challenges and best practices, and choosing some new emphasis Рa dramatic increase in prayer and dependance on God and learning how to work better with volunteers. We are excited to see what God does in the future!