About Cru


Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus. As an international faith-based organization, we help people begin a life-changing relationship with Christ and grow in their faith, and we coach them as they begin to live as multiplying disciples who help others do the same.

Our desire is that everyone will know someone who truly follows Jesus.

To do this we focus on a few key elements:

  • Realizing that our work is ultimately spiritual, we depend on God to live out a passionate walk with God, grow and develop in Christ-like character, and bear lasting fruit in our lives and ministries.
  • We believe in a Kingdom perspective. We join forces and resources with the rest of the body of Christ as we embrace both the Great commandment and the Great Commission.
  • The world is constantly changing. We must constantly learning so we can rapidly respond to those God-given opportunities to love our neighbors as ourselves and offer the love of Christ, on any scale—local or global.
  • Our mission of “Movements Everywhere” implies that the greatest growth must happen at the grass roots level. Local ministries are empowered to innovate and be creative as they become become self-sustaining with leaders and resources.
  • The extent of “everywhere” requires an expanding leadership base. We pursue the mission with servant leaders and effective ministry teams at every level.

How can we help you accomplish what God has put on your heart?