Amazing Africa

It is good for us to travel and see how our brothers and sisters live in other parts of the world!

We greatly enjoyed the training times with our incredible staff as they learned about implementing change, adult learning, and the specifics of the new materials. The new trainers asked great questions, heartily engaged in the content, and grew in their confidence and competence as they practiced facilitating teaching and coaching. They will do a great job training the new missionaries and later training more trainers for their countries also!

We also learned a lot from them. We learned about how our staff work without consistent electricity, live with religious persecution and threats of violence, and struggle to raise support for basic items that we take for granted here in the US. At the same time, these staff are incredibly joyous in their worship, sacrificially generous in their care for us, and faithful in their service to the Lord. They were an inspiration to us.

We hope you enjoy some of these pictures of our training time!

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